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At eight years old I cut out photos from magazines and glued them into collages.  
parents left me alone to destroy their property and start my training as an artist; 
while I never learned to draw, in my teens I taught myself how to make photographs.

Not able to visualize how to make a living as an photographer, I worked as a contractor
until my aching body indicated my time as a blue-collar guy was limited, after which I
moved onto being a kitchen-and-bath designer until it became clear I should really be
doing what I love most, so here I am.

My approach is the same as when I was in construction and design: aiming for the sweet
spot where craft and aesthetics combine without a visible seam, which, as it turns out, is
just what most of my clients are going for.

My previous careers have proved useful, teaching me the value of collaboration and the
importance of craft, and furnishing a back strong enough to haul equipment around.

Long-term obsessions: design, science, good writing, how things work, history, music, movies,
and trying to understand what's going on inside the mind of my Wheaten Terrier, Whiskey.

I'm sure he feels the same about me.

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ASMP - The American Society of Media Photographers
(National Board Member 2011-2014, 2016-Present)
AIAP - Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
SPE - Society of Photographic Educators



ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers
Young Photographers Alliance
Architecture For Humanity
Los Angeles Conservancy
The International Bateson Institute
Pasadena Playhouse
South Coast Repertory Company
Physicians For A National Health Program

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